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"I have a secret" -- Poem

This is a angsty poem. I'm exhausted, I have been up for three days with term papers and I still have three days more and two assignments left. After that, I graduate and I'll have my Masters degree. I cannot wait for Saturday.

Anyway, this poem is very structured, more so than my normal writing. I think its a result of all the research papers.

I have a secret

People like to take you down.
Strip you down, find the meat.
You think your strong,
You know I'm strong,
People they break you and
feed on you. slowly.
No not slowly, all at once
all the time, without mercy.

You tell yourself how great
you are, what amazing
talents you possess - why?
Why bother, why bother
to build up what I will
Others will tear you down,
rip you apart, all in vein.
They'll rip at the meat
taking what they can
to share - to conquer.
When I tear you down it
won't be for your insides,
I'll leave the body to them.

I'll tear apart your soul;
Bring you down, till I have
you shaking and trying to
Forget my voice, try to
loose my whispers and rebuild
yourself; in typical bagdadian fashion.